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Will Meditation Therapy Help My Teen?

woman sitting on chair in well-lit room wondering will meditation therapy help my teen

Meditation therapy is a new method for helping teens overcome their mental health challenges. Based on ancient eastern practices, meditation has quickly become an evidence-based treatment for various mental health problems, including anxiety and substance use disorders.

If your teen is struggling with mental health difficulties, contact the team at Imagine Boise by calling 888.597.2807 to learn more about our meditation therapy program for teens and our comprehensive suite of mental health services.

What Is Teen Meditation Therapy?

Meditation therapy for teens is a therapeutic practice based on the practice of meditation. It is particularly helpful for teens experiencing difficulties due to impulsivity, emotional outbursts, or substance use problems.

Meditation therapy for teens is performed with the help of a licensed counselor and has clear objectives for mental health wellness for teens.
One of the great aspects of teen meditation therapy is that its tools can be used long after treatment is over. The meditation practice itself requires no specialized equipment, can be done without professional assistance, and can help encourage mental and emotional well-being for years to come.

How Does Meditation Therapy Work?

Meditation therapy is guided by a mental health professional who teaches your teenager the practice of meditation. The therapist will first assess your teenager’s specific needs and implement targeted practices to help them overcome their mental health challenges.

In nearly all meditation practices, the core component is mindful awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and your thoughts. Meditation is a practice that emphasizes conscious awareness of these sensations and can help break destructive thought patterns and slow impulsive reactions.

An example of a simple mindfulness meditation practice would include:

  • Finding a quiet place to sit
  • Taking slow, deep breaths
  • Focusing your attention on the sensations of breathing
  • When the mind begins to wander, bringing attention back to the breath
  • Continuing this exercise for five, ten, or fifteen minutes

While simple in execution, this practice can have powerful results. A teenager suffering from anxiety, for instance, can learn to shift their attention to bodily sensations rather than getting caught up in thoughts and feelings that are running wildly.

The goal of meditation extends far outside of the formal practice itself and can provide a valuable skill set for dealing with stress, anxiety, and pressure in everyday life.

Meditation for Mental Health

Meditation has quickly become a powerful evidence-based practice for mental health. Research has shown that it helps people with a variety of mental health challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Substance use disorders
  • Impulsivity
  • Stress

Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice has profound effects on both the body and mind and offers improvements in patients’ attention, memory, and self-regulation. It has also been shown to reduce negative emotions, anxiety symptom severity, and drug cravings.

Put simply, mindfulness practice builds a mental buffer for stress. People learn to stop, pause, and reflect on their bodily sensations before getting caught up in the cascading thought patterns so commonly associated with mental distress. This process can prevent the domino effect of racing thoughts.

Get Help for Your Teen Today at Imagine Boise

If your teen is struggling with emotional or mental distress or even severe mental illness, reach out to the team at Imagine Boise by contacting 888.597.2807. Our experts can help you find the treatment plan that will work best for your teen and provide information about our extensive mental health programming options.

Meditation for mental health is just one of our extensive mental health therapy options dedicated to helping teens thrive in adolescence. No matter your teenager’s difficulties, the team at Imagine Boise, can help them find recovery.