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How to Plan an Intervention for Your Teen

image of teenage boy with distraught mother in the background wondering how to plan an intervention for your teen

Learning how to plan an intervention for your teen is something every parent should be familiar with. The teenage years can be a difficult time, and some teens can become overwhelmed by their feelings and thoughts and need the support of a professional teen therapist. Sometimes, planning an intervention for your teen is the best plan of action to get them the help they need.

Imagine Boise is a full-service mental health treatment facility that supports teens aged 12-17 who are experiencing serious depression, anxiety, or a substance use disorder. Our crisis programs support families with teens who are experiencing a mental health crisis through behavioral therapies and medication to ease disruptive symptoms. Each program is tailored to the individual and the specific issues that led to the crisis.

To learn what our crisis intervention program can do for your teen son or daughter, send us an email or call 888.597.2807 today to schedule a consultation.

Knowing When It’s Time for a Teen Intervention

The teenage years are filled with many changing emotions, new thoughts, and physical sensations. It can cause many teens to become frustrated and act out in various ways. How can you distinguish between normal teenage angst and a crisis?

The key is to watch your teen’s development closely. Getting upset or feeling depressed for a few days is normal for teens and just about anyone these days. If those feelings go away after a few days, the likelihood they are experiencing a crisis is minimal. A crisis will rarely happen overnight and can take months or even years to develop into a serious situation.

Recognizing when your teen needs an intervention takes a little effort, but it can help prevent your child’s mental health issues from worsening. Here are some of the more common signs you should be planning an intervention for your teen:

  • Sudden bouts of crying, anger, or rage for no apparent reason
  • Pulling away from friends and family
  • A drop in school performance
  • They talk about suicide or fantasize about death
  • Unable to concentrate on a single subject
  • Experience headaches and stomach aches
  • A significant drop in energy levels
  • A lack of motivation to try new things

At Imagine Boise, we understand how some teens need a little extra support in navigating the bumpy road of being a teenager. Our teen crisis intervention programs are based on your child’s unique symptoms and the cause behind the crisis. Once the crisis has passed, we continue working with your teen to help them develop better coping skills and confidence in handling any situation life throws at them.

How to Plan an Intervention for Your Teen

If your teen is experiencing a crisis, it takes a delicate approach to address the situation and get them the help they need before things get any worse.

Here are a few tips on how to plan an intervention for your teen:

  • Talk with a professional teen crisis therapist. They can guide you through the process and can be there to support you and your teen during the intervention.
  • Assess the situation to determine if your teen needs immediate assistance to prevent physical harm, an overdose, or a suicide attempt.
  • Gather supportive friends and family to be there during the intervention and show them they have a loving support system to help them.
  • Create a detailed plan of action for the intervention and go over what to say and what not to say. A crisis therapist can assist you in planning a teen intervention.
  • Communicate your feelings and concerns clearly and calmly. Actively listen to what your teen is saying and respond. Use specific examples of their behaviors to show them the need for a crisis intervention.

After the crisis has passed and your teen is safe, the next step is to enroll them in a mental health treatment program. Therapists will continue to work with your teen to address any mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or other psychological concerns.

Enroll Today in Our Crisis Intervention Program at Imagine Boise

At Imagine Boise, our goal is to support teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Our programs consist of a variety of proven therapeutic techniques and medical support to create a whole-person recovery experience. Teens will participate in group and private therapy sessions on an outpatient basis so they can continue to keep up with their education.

For more information on how to plan an intervention, call 888.597.2807 or contact Imagine Boise online to schedule a consultation.