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Best Bullying Resources for Teens and Parents

a parent helps their teen through bullying with resources they learned together

Bullying is a national epidemic, with more than 3.2 million children and teens becoming victims of bullying every year, according to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Teen bullying affects both the bullied and the bully, creating a toxic environment. Bullied teens are more likely to develop mental health concerns and to suffer from stress-related health issues if they do not take part in treatment programs, and bullies have higher risks of developing substance use disorders.

There are many bullying resources for teens and parents that can offer some help in dealing with this serious issue.

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Online Resources on Bullying for Teens

One of the top sites that teens have created for other teens is The site is perfect for middle and high school teens and can help them find ways to address bullying.

The site offers help in recognizing bullying behavior, how to reach out for help, and how to cope with the consequences of bullying. There are also real stories of teens dealing with bullying.

Stomp Out Bullying is another site geared toward offering resources on bullying for teens. It includes real-life stories and offers options for teens to get help by turning to any of these:

  • HelpChat Line
  • Digital U.
  • #SeeMe campaign

It also encourages teens to take action against bullying by becoming youth leaders.

Online Resources on Bullying for Parents

For parents, the official government site provides information on the national and state laws related to bullying. It also provides a list of signs that may indicate that your teen is being bullied, as well as information on who is at risk and statistics about bullying.

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center offers bullying resources for teens and adults. The site provides answers to common questions, including what to do if your child is the one doing the bullying. It also provides information on cyberbullying, how to prevent it, and on helping disabled teens who are victims of bullying. It has information in Spanish, as well.

The Bully Project has excellent resources for parents as well as for teachers. The site offers information on how to prevent your child from becoming a bystander to bullying, and it offers prevention and intervention tips for families. This site has resources in Spanish, too.

Learning for Justice is another site that focuses on teen bullying and the prejudice that can lead to it. The site offers ways of engaging with your child’s school about bullying and what to do if a teacher is the one bullying your child.


The Stop Bullying Now Hotline was created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is available 24/7, and it’s free.

The Crisis Text Line allows teens to reach out directly via text to someone who can help them cope with bullying. The Line has crisis counselors available at all times, and the helpline is free.

The Love Is Respect helpline is available online and via text, and it focuses on helping people who are dating their bully.

Let Imagine Boise Help

Teen bullying can affect your child and your entire family. It’s important to get help and to understand exactly what bullying is and how it can affect your teen.

At Imagine Boise, we offer information on dealing with bullying while also providing treatment options for adolescents aged 12 to 17 who have experienced bullying.

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