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5 Signs Your Teen Is in a Manipulative Relationship

a teenage girl gestures distraughtly at her phone as an indication of one of 5 sings your teen is in a a manipulative relationship

When your teen son or daughter begins forming relationships with their peers, it can be a very exciting and frustrating time. While they explore new relationships, there is a risk that they fall into a manipulative relationship. If this happens, it could lead to a drop in grades and a subconscious attraction to manipulative men or women. Fortunately, adolescent relationship counseling programs in Boise can improve teens’ relationship skills and prevent any harmful relationship traits from developing.

At Imagine Boise, we work with teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who have developed unhealthy relationships with their peers. Our behavioral therapists use the latest therapeutic modalities, which include cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment programs. Each teen will work closely with a therapist in group and private therapy sessions to learn how to recognize harmful relationship traits and listen and respond appropriately. For more information about our adolescent relationship counseling program, call 888.597.2807 today to speak with one of our caring team members.

Recognizing Red Flags in Teenage Relationships

Manipulative relationships can be very detrimental to your teen’s natural development, education, and self-esteem. Those who control others do so out of fear of being alone, or they come from an abusive or oppressive home and have a chronic fear of rejection. If the emotional abuse is allowed to continue, the relationship will only worsen and potentially lead to physical and sexual abuse, isolation, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

If you suspect your teen son or daughter is in a manipulative relationship, here are some of the common red flags in teenage relationships to look for:

  • Allowing their partner to control who they hang out with and where they go
  • Pulling away from friends and family
  • Their partner is always with them
  • Failing grades
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Their partner is emotionally abusive or insulting when they are with others but not when they are alone

At Imagine Boise, our team is well aware of the various controlling relationship signs that point to a growing problem in your teen son or daughter’s relationship. We work closely with each teen and their families to develop an effective treatment program that teaches them healthy relationship traits and how to be better communicators.

5 Signs Your Teen Is in a Manipulative Relationship

If you are concerned your teen may be in an emotionally manipulative relationship, here are five signs to look for that point to a manipulative relationship:

  1. Their partner ridicules or makes fun of them in front of others – Pay attention to how their partner treats your child in front of others. If it is completely different from when they aren’t with their friends, it is a clear sign they are in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  2. Showing jealousy when they hang out with others – Jealousy is a negative emotion that can tear apart relationships. Their partner should not be overly jealous when hanging out with others. If they are, it is because they feel insecure in the relationship due to poor communication or lack of self-esteem.
  3. Threaten to break up with them when arguing – One of the biggest controlling relationship signs includes threatening to end the relationship during arguments. Some people will even threaten to break up over trivial matters or to simply get their way.
  4. Their partner constantly tries to control what they do – If your teen’s partner does not let them visit with friends without them, they are in a controlling relationship. They do this because they are afraid others will convince their partner to end the relationship.
  5. They go through their partner’s emails and social media accounts without their knowledge – Jealous and insecure people always think others are talking about them. This pushes them to go behind their partner’s back and spy on them.

Emotionally manipulative relationships are highly detrimental, especially for teenagers who don’t know how to recognize bad relationship traits. It is vital to help your teen understand and identify bad traits in their partner to avoid any harmful relationship habits in the future.

Imagine Boise Offers Adolescents Relationship Counseling for Teens

At Imagine Boise, we work with teen boys and girls who are in emotionally manipulative relationships and help them build healthy relationship habits. Our relationship counseling program shows teens how to recognize manipulative people and how to avoid relationships with them. Teens will work with a behavioral therapist in group and private therapy sessions to build their confidence, self-esteem, and gain many other skills to lead a happy and healthy life.

If your teen needs help building strong and supportive relationships, call 888.597.2807 or send us a message online today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.