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How Can Family Therapy Help Teens?

behavioral health therapist explaining how can family therapy help teens

Teens who have trouble forming healthy relationships pick up negative habits and traits from their families. How can family therapy help teens? This program can teach teens that it is ok to talk about their feelings and how to express them in a positive way. Family therapy can help everyone in the family improve their relationships and work through complex issues to create a strong family unit.

Imagine Boise is a full-service teen mental health treatment facility that welcomes teens 12-17 who are struggling with depression, bipolar disorders, and other treatable conditions. Our goal is to support your teen son or daughter and all family members in building healthy relationships and a stable home environment. We use cognitive-behavioral therapies and holistic therapies to create a well-rounded recovery experience that includes learning several healthy life skills.

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How Can Family Therapy Help Teens?

Your teen son or daughter picks up their coping and relationship skills from family interactions starting on day one. If parents have a hard time expressing emotions and showing affection, children will learn these traits and habits and base future relationships on them.

Family therapy looks at the entire family dynamic and focuses on any troubling behaviors and negative communication styles that are causing emotional or mental distress. All family members will participate in family therapy sessions to learn how to:

  • Talk through difficult subjects
  • Express themselves in a more appropriate way
  • Develop better conflict resolution skills
  • Actively listen and respond to what others are saying
  • Improve emotional well-being

For your teen son or daughter, participating in regular therapy sessions can build their self-esteem and confidence, improve peer relationships, and reduce the risk of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. For the entire family, it creates a supportive home environment and a stronger family bond.

At Imagine Boise, we welcome teenagers who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or relationship struggles with peers or family. Our family therapy sessions include benefits for teens as well as parents, siblings, and all family members.

The Benefits of Family Therapy for Teens

Working with a professional therapist is something that all teenagers and their families can benefit from. It does more than just teach people how to cope with depression and anxiety symptoms. It teaches them a number of life skills that many families need but don’t have.

Some of the benefits of family therapy for teens include:

Build Healthy Relationship Skills

Teens learn relationship styles from their parents, especially those bad habits that can tear families apart. The primary purpose of family therapy is to identify troubling relationship traits and teach all members how to communicate their feelings and listen and respond appropriately.

Improved Conflict Resolution

Learning how to resolve conflicts is a learned skill that many families struggle with. Using group discussion, role-playing games, and other holistic activities, therapists teach families better conflict-resolution skills and how to avoid future conflicts.

Better Coping Strategies

Depression and anxiety disorders affect teens just as much as adults. Teens will participate in cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions to gain a better understanding of their symptoms and learn new behaviors and actions to stop them from worsening.

These are just a few of the family therapy benefits for teens that they can experience while enrolled in a mental health treatment program. Additional benefits include improved school performance, better peer relationships, and increased self-confidence that allows them to overcome any future life challenges.

Join Imagine Boise’s Family Therapy Program to Improve Your Teen’s Mental Health

How can family therapy help teens? Imagine Boise employs a wide range of beneficial therapies and medical support to create a comprehensive treatment program for teens who struggle with their mental health. Some of these therapies include:

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